Movement Practice during the Holidays

Holidays are for Moving

The Holiday season is fast approaching and is a time for family, friends and food. Between multiple family gatherings, holiday shopping, decorating, work parties, cooking and eating all that amazing food often our movement practice is the first thing to go. Many of us just relinquish that our health naturally suffers during the holidays, only to be corrected for our new year’s resolutions.  If this is you, just know you’re not alone! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Take the opportunity of the change in routine to move differently. Get ahead on your resolutions. We’ve compiled some of our most helpful tips to stay moving during the holidays.

Finding Balance in your Movement Practice

Avoid falling into all or nothing thinking on either end such as rigorously working out every day or letting your movement practice completely fall off because, well its the holidays. You don’t need the studio or a gym to stay moving. Plan for some fun family recreation such as skiing, tobogganing, dancing, skating, do some yard work or go for a walk. In fact, go for many walks! Even if you do need to spend some time sitting, try to get up and move at least every 30 minutes. It can even be something small like getting up, do a squat, a few sun salutations or do a lap through the house. Throughout it all though, know that life is a balance. Let yourself indulge sometimes! And other times, keep with your good habits.

Body weight movement

One (of many) reasons why we love bodyweight movement is that we can train anywhere! Take any opportunities while in transit such as during layovers or when taking a break from driving to move a little. Do some yoga postures, sit in a squat instead of using a chair, or do some lunges. You can also incorporate bodyweight movement into almost any space. If you can fit a mat, you can move. We’ve found that planning your movement practice first thing in the morning is helpful as schedules can get busy later on in the day.

Take the hard way out

Society has built in so many conveniences! From shopping carts to chairs, escalators and strollers. There is actually a lot more work out there that we’ve taken out of our lives. Small things like choosing to take the stairs, walking to the store instead of driving, carrying kids instead of using strollers and squat/stand over chairs can all add up to a lot more movement in your day. Opt for a handheld whisk instead of the electronic beaters when doing Holiday baking.

Make a plan

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons people fail to keep up their movement practice during the holidays is because their movement practice is a part of their daily habits. When your schedule has changed the triggers to keep up those habits aren’t in place. You might be spending time in a different city and not have access to your favourite movement space or know when you’ll be able to fit it in. Figure out ahead of time when you are going to move and where you will do it. You can find a local gym or studio if you’re out of town, or take your yoga matt with you and set up shop at your friends or relatives home. Even better have a goal in mind for your movement practice over the holidays. Are there any skills you’re working on you’d like to master? Or maybe its a goal of at least 30 minutes of movement a day. Whatever it is this can help you get a head start on your new year’s resolutions.

We wish you all a wonderful Holiday, full of food, family, fun and of course movement! 

Don’t forget to check out our Holiday Schedule. We will have reduced classes from December 22nd- January 2nd.