Wanderlust Whistler 2017 Pre-Party

Wanderlust Whistler 2017 Pre-Party

June 17th 4:00-6:30pm
Admission: Free

Join us for an evening of live music, movement and friends!

 Dharma Movement Company is thrilled to be a Studio Partner for Wanderlust Whistler 2017 and to celebrate we’re putting on a Pre-Party at Dharma Movement Company this June 17th from 4:00-6:30pm. The celebration will include live music from Jambhavan, a free yoga class hosted by Steve Fazzari and Eric Desjardins followed by a free Movement Jam hosted by Brian Carew and Amanda Riches. This event will also include some awesome door prizes from local business including one free ticket to Wanderlust Whistler 2017!

Yoga with Eric Desjardins and Steve Fazzari 4:30-5:30 pm
Movement Jam with Brian Carew and Amanda Riches 5:30-6:30pm

Live Music by Jambhavan will lead off the party at 4:00 for 20 minutes of Kirtan to set the Bhav for our event!

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Wanderlust Whistler is an all-out celebration of mindful living. These four days offer a chance to connect with the community and recharge mind, body and spirit. The experience brings together world-class yoga, meditation teachers, and inspiring Speakeasy lectures. Epic music headliners fill nights with sweet vibes then strip it down to accompany your favourite classes. Pack your schedule with outdoor adventures to reconnect with your inner explorer then round out your day with some healthy sustenance to nourish your body and soul. Join me in exploring Wanderlust Whistler 2017 as we find our true north together.


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