MOVE: Multi-Disciplinary In-Depth Exploration

MOVE: An In-Depth Exploration into Multi-Disciplinary Movement w/Taylor Pearon
Saturday, September 9th, 2-4pm
Cost: $35.00 plus tax


‘Movement’ has become a more commonly-used word over the last few months. But what exactly is this seemingly abstract and amorphous concept? Is it just yoga or CrossFit with a new name? Well, technically those are forms of movement. The exploration of movement as an umbrella concept involves introducing dynamic loads onto our bodies. This helps to avoid the traditional over-use injuries of athletes as well as under-use conditions of the deskbound demographic. Movement incorporates the merits of a variety of specialized modalities into a generalized practice which helps to create adaptability in both body and brain.

Two hours of multi-disciplinary movement exploration

Together we will cover topics such as:
–  Full-Body Conditioning Drills
– Active v. Passive Flexibility
– Spatial Awareness
– Reactionary Training
– Transitions
– Movement Sequencing, Patterning, and “Flow”

Why explore “movement”? :

– learn what our true “range of motion” is and new ways to expand that safely
– develop a greater depth perception, spatial awareness, and reactionary capability
– understand more complex movements such as lateral, rotational, and multi-directional
– to develop an eye for transitions, creative sequencing, and what can become creative “flow”

About Taylor Pearon

Taylor grew up an athlete training soccer and cross-country/track intensively for most of her formative years. After a sedentary period in University she came back to an athletic lifestyle full-force. Now Taylor cross-trains with a constantly shifting focus. Currently her regimen is composed of Capoeira, dance, AcroYoga, & general mobility maintenance. Taylor’s incessant curiosity drives her to constantly explore, research, & integrate the various modalities of movement and where they overlap. She aims to support others in their own path of movement, mind-body exploration, and expression.
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