Conquering Balance

January 27th 2:00-4:00pm Cost: $35 Early Bird Rate: $25 available until January 10th

Conquering Balance

A dedication to attending yoga classes displays one’s discipline and devotion to ones practice. But there are only small snippets of time allotted to peruse arm-balancing in public classes.

Strength is only one small aspect; entry, focus, breath, and mindset play integral roles in the art of arm-balancing that can only be touched on in a more personal setting.

Join Brian in Conquering Balance where we will build your own personal arm-balancing practice that promotes progress, longevity, and confidence in practicing arm-balancing on your own.

In this workshop we will touch on:
* Wrist rehab & prehab
* Entry, progressions, breakdown, and variations of: Crow, Peacock, and Croc,
* How-to structure arm-balances into sequences
* Physical & Energetic spotting
* Guided Meditation & pranayama

Brian Carew

Brian Carew is a Movement Teacher and explorer passionate about discovering the layers of the body’s vast movement potential. He believes that each of us has the ability to unlock precision, depth, and self-awareness through exploring the landscapes of the moving human body. Brian combines his training in yoga and organic movement to create a genuine experience of self-discovery and joy for his students in a safe and balanced way.

Holistic movement is an integration of power and grace. Brian believes that the breath is key to unlocking the hidden potential in one’s movement practice. As a Respiratory Therapist, Brian guides each student into finding greater fluidity and ease though freeing the movement potential of the breath within the body thus freeing the movement potential of the body within the world.

Move. Be Moved. Create Freedom within your Life.

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