Charting a Path to Handstand with Slava Goloubov

Handstand workshop w/Slava Goloubov

Sunday-August 20


$50 (+gst) Regular price

***Space is limited and the last installment sold out well in advance - 35 people total - registration opens June 20th***

The path to handstand

The path to learning handstand teaches us so much about the mechanics of the body and our mental state when upside down. If you are ready to start working towards a strong, stable and still handstand join Slava for a 2-hour practice focused on the steps we can take to get there. Whether it’s been a goal of yours for years and you need refinement or if it’s your 2017 resolution, you will walk away with enough information towards charting a path to handstand at your own pace.

Key topics covered in this workshop:


Basic and advanced principles of entry & exits

Relationship between speed & control

Spatial awareness

What it means to have a ‘straight handstand’

Longevity of the practice

Preparation, warm-up and cool-down

About Slava:

For as long as Slava can remember, he has always been curious about the human body and it’s the complexity of expression. After taking a 10 day silent Vipassana retreat, he decided to dedicate himself fully to the practice of movement. He now teaches Yoga full time in Vancouver – holding space for weekly classes, assisting teacher training, hosting workshops and international retreats.Aside from his full-time practice as a Yogi, he constantly pursues different disciplines, from Hand Balancing, Circus Acrobatics, AcroYoga, Contact Dance, Capoeira, Chinese Martial Arts, Tai Chi and much more.


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