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MOVE: Multi-Disciplinary In-Depth Exploration

MOVE: An In-Depth Exploration into Multi-Disciplinary Movement w/Taylor Pearon
Saturday, September 9th, 2-4pm
Cost: $35.00 plus tax

Move ‘Movement’ has become a more commonly-used word over the last few months. But what exactly is this seemingly abstract and amorphous concept? Is it just yoga or CrossFit with a new name? Well, technically those are forms of movement.… read more


Charting a Path to Handstand with Slava Goloubov

Handstand workshop w/Slava Goloubov

Sunday-August 20


$50 (+gst) Regular price

***Space is limited and the last installment sold out well in advance - 35 people total - registration opens June 20th***

The path to handstand The path to learning handstand teaches us so much about the mechanics of the body and our mental state when upside down. If you are ready to start working towards a strong, stable and still handstand… read more