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RAD Yoga 1 and 2 Certification: RAD Roller

RAD Yoga 1 $149 USD
October 20th, 2017

RAD Yoga 2 $229 USD
October 21st, 2017

$349 USD Dual Enrollment
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RAD Roller Everyone knows massage therapy is great for both your mind and body, but who has the time—and perhaps even more importantly, the money—to get one every day? Nobody we know, that’s for sure. Beginning with the patent-pending RAD… read more

Chakra Sound Bath and Meditation

9:15-10 pm

September 15th
October 6th
November 3rd
November 24th
December 15th

Suggested cash donation $10-20

Colin Hillstrom Colin Hillstrom is a certified sound healer, recording artist, consciousness coach, and author. His Chakra Sound Bath and Meditations are ideal for people who want to accelerate self-healing, brain development, personal transformation, and their bio-photonic activation. Chakra Sound… read more