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Benefits of Nature

Health Benefits of Nature Less Exposure Summer is here and the drive to get outside is strong. Most of us intuitively may notice that nature is good for us. When we feel stressed going for a walk can help us… read more


Summer Promotion: Unlimited Classes

Summer Promotion Summer is here and to celebrate we’re offering a summer promotion of unlimited classes all summer for only $110! That means you get unlimited classes from when you sign up until the start of September. Offer expires June 30th so… read more

Mobility versus Flexibility

Prioritise Mobility over Flexibility The terms flexibility and mobility are often used interchangeably.  The distinction between them, however, is crucial for maintaining your joint health and ability to move well long term. Flexibility Let’s start by talking about flexibility. Flexibility… read more


Risto Duggan: Teacher Feature

Risto Duggan Did you know Risto Duggan has broken 9 bones, handmakes some really rad (word choice intentional) yoga bags and recently choose to change his name? That’s not all, but you’ll have to watch to video below to find out.… read more


New to the DMC Team

New to the DMC Team We are happy to announce that we have two wonderful ladies joining the team at DMC. Please welcome Annie Becker and Carissa Joy. Annie Becker: Front Desk Supervisor We’re happy to introduce Annie Becker to… read more


Taylor Pearon on Movement Culture

Movement Culture Much like Organic food was hardly talked about a decade ago but is now a household name, many are predicting the same trajectory for Movement culture. As more people move to urban landscapes and live deskbound lives, likely… read more