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January Unlimited Classes: $69

Start the year out right with Unlimited Movement! We’re offering unlimited January classes for $69. This pass is designed to help you jump start your year. Science demonstrates that habits take anywhere from 21-40 days to create so by the… read more

Movement Practice during the Holidays

Holidays are for Moving The Holiday season is fast approaching and is a time for family, friends and food. Between multiple family gatherings, holiday shopping, decorating, work parties, cooking and eating all that amazing food often our movement practice is the… read more

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Self Care this Winter

Winter Self-Care The winter season is here and with that can bring a slump in mood. Its easy to stay energized and happy when the suns out and the days are long but for many people, winter can be more… read more

habit formation

Tips for Creating New Habits

Creating New Habits So you’ve decided you’re ready to create some more positive habits in your life. You know you should eat better, exercise more and stop complaining but it’s not as easy as knowing what you want to change.… read more

Neutral Spine

Neutral Spine You’ve probably heard of neutral spine and even wondered if you’re doing it right. Neutral spine is the natural position of the spine when all 3 curves of the spine — cervical (neck), thoracic (middle) and lumbar (lower)… read more

Yoga is More Than Just a Workout

Why Yoga is More than a Workout

Yoga is more than just a workout   Evolution of Yoga Yoga’s origins involve deeply spiritual and mental practices. The physical part of Yoga generally wasn’t the focus but was a practice to bring balance and health, which was a… read more

eat local

Why we eat locally

Why eat locally? If we want to feel good and perform well it’s critical to think about what we put into our bodies. This goes for food, drink, information, beauty products and the environment. When we consider what type of… read more