Our Story

The Dharma Movement

For DMC owners Kevin Taylor and Erin Price, life has been all about staying open to new possibilities. In February of 2015 they purchased Exhale Yoga from Rachel Wainwright and they poured their savings into rebuilding the space to create an open, receptive atmosphere for self exploration, mainly in the lineage of Dharma Yoga.

Over the first year of entrepreneurship they could see that Vancouver was ready for an expanded community that embraces a mixed modality movement approach to wellness and Dharma Movement Company was established.

In December of 2015 DMC became committed to this new vision and expanded its schedule to include teachers from a passionate movement backgrounds with training in circus, dance, personal training, functional movement, martial arts, acrobatics, meditation, nutrition, capoeira, and of course multiple yoga styles. DMC was also inspired by original teacher Slava Goloubov an  experimental and well-respected mover in our Vancouver yoga community, as well as Brazilian mover Ido Portal.

Kevin and Erin’s enquiry into becoming good movers probably starts the same way yours did. Injury and plain old stress overwhelmed their bodies and they recognized the need for change.

Erin’s experience in yoga stems from her practice of Bikram, Anusara, Dharma and Vinyasa and influenced by wonderful teachers such as Daniel Clement, Clara Roberts-Oss and Leanne Kitteridge with whom she has completed her 500 hour certification in Advanced Yoga Therapy. She is also a certified personal trainer and she has a passion for using essential oils to help soothe and treat her clients.  Health and wellness has always been her passion alongside raising two very active healthy daughters.  To find out more about the doTerra essential oils available through Erin and the studio or to place an order follow the link my doTerra.

Since an early age Kevin had been curious about athletic pursuits of many kinds. Growing up of course that meant playing the usual sports kids do where I’m from in The States…soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and later in life exploring what’s been labeled as action sports….skateboarding, motocross, wake-boarding, and what he considers his true passion snowboarding. Following his heart and seeking the truest form of who he was, he decided to move to the mountains to pursue snowboarding, this brought him to BC and back to the west coast . Spending time in Whistler over the last 8 years lead to other outdoor activities…downhill and x-country mountain biking, bouldering, alpine hiking and stand-up paddlebording.  This active life style is rewarding and beneficial on many levels but has left him with many years of wear and tear and an assortment of injuries which forced him to focus more on training, recovery, and what it means to be physically fit. This path ultimately lead him to develop a yoga practice and other daily rehabilitative movement practices.  Here he found therapy on the mat and so much more; mindfulness, consciousness, self-awareness, balance,  inspiration, and community.

Personally seeing such value in what yoga and movement exploration has to offer, we are pleased and excited to be of service through DMC, so we as a community can grow together, see what can be achieved by unlocking the potential within all of us, collectively.

Together we move in the direction of possibility ……Erin and Kev