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I Speak Because I Can – Women’s Talking Circle

I Speak Because I Can.  How many of us choose to stay quiet to keep the peace or from fear of being unlovable? We heal and connect through our stories as women, we welcome you to join us for our… read more

The Rocket with Chris Duggan

Join us for a wonderful and exciting breakdown of the Rocket series. The Rocket is an Ashtanga based power vinyasa yoga practice that offers a variety of arm balances and inversions into the flow. Chris will workshop the arm balances and… read more

Latest News From The Studio

Choose Love – For the Sake of Self

I am learning how to be selfish, for love. I am learning to put myself in the center of my life. I am learning how not to depend on others happiness to determine my own. This is a fight and… read more

We Are What We Do….Move All Ways

We have become chairs...... I am fascinated by how adaptable our minds and our bodies are. As a movement leader and yoga teacher, my profession prevents me from becoming sedentary. But I can see how this could easily happen to… read more


  • Your vibe attracts your tribe ✨ radiate love in all directions #community #family #fun #connection #Hatha #yoga #movement #tribe
  • Couples who play together ✨ stay together ❤️ what do you do in your relationship that builds trust, excitement, love, communication and playfulness? All key in a loving sustainable relationship ✨ two of our beloved yogis Erin and Jim showing how it's done #love #trust #Acro #partneryoga #hatha #communication #inversions #vancity #acroyogavancity #yaletown
  • All the right moves with this amazing lady. Mindful connection to all aspects of being. A perfect balance ✨ join @devamoves this morning at 10am for Hatha #yoga #hatha #vancity #fitness #fitfam #yaletown #balance #strength
  • 🌕 FULL MOON in water bearing Aquarius on August 18th 🌕She comes bringing illumination and a feminine vision of inclusivity and thinking about the whole of US. Balancing on the axis of a LEO Sun and and AQUARIUS Moon we stand at the crossroads of ME:WE. Big picture visioning yields insights that can shape our future. 🌕 The wise Sarah Varcas says, "this Full Moon is an ‘almost-but-not-quite’ lunar eclipse, giving it greater influence and a stronger ‘edge’ against which to hone our awareness...In Aquarius, it illuminates mental habits and unconscious tendencies which keep us stuck in rigid patterns of thought, belief and behavior....There’s a fair bit of tension around and many will be feeling it, so cutting each other (and ourselves) some serious slack is good advice!...calm troubled waters, expand our perspective and foster connections that nourish rather than polarize, enabling meaningful interactions with others despite any difficult circumstances." 👉🏽The mind is both our liberator and our jailer now...But if we can expand our mind to embrace possibilities previously discounted, to consider life from new angles, we could experience liberation like never before...👉🏽the magic is us, living on purpose, with clear intent and for the greater good right now...it’s okay not to know, being at peace with paradox  embracing with an open heart all insights gleaned, even that we’ve been wrong all along: these are important elements of our preparation for the weeks ahead." FULL DOWNLOAD on site www.mysticmamma.com ART BY #MYSTICMAMMA > In creating this artwork I thought about how women are truly the ultimate water bearers, not only through the sacred vessel of their wombs, but literally as the ones who walk miles and miles across dry lands to carry back water to their families and villages.It is heartbreaking that in this day in age, we still have 663 million people that live without access to clean water. We can do something, check out @charitywater pledge for clean water for next BIRTHday and help bring clean water to our brothers and sister who need it! #themagicisus #fullmoon #waterbearer #notknowingisokay
  • Some of our fabulous DMC men ✨ @slavagoloubov @chrisdugganyoga @dmc.vancouver 
It's all about community. Growing and learning together ✨ Early morning movers #dmc #community #moveallways #earlyrisers #fitmen #yogadudes
  • Remain humble always to our beautiful planet. Connect with nature and connect within. Join @mandivonalkier today at Noon as she creates space for mindful connection #hatha #nature #bliss #abundance #summertime #selfcare #motherearth #yaletown #dmc
  • Mindful movement. The breath and the pause between those movements. Fully feeling each moment. Become intimately aware of how your breath is your guide in your body, leading the way for each moment you experience, coming back to the mindful approach to each movement. Be present with @karenkobel13 Tuesday mornings at 10am for her gloriously free moving Pilates class #authentic #moveallways #bereceptive #dmc #pilates #breath #mindful #connection #awareness
  • Are you a teacher in the lower mainland? Are you looking for an opportunity to take your teaching to the next level? Lead with Love led by @shannoncluff is back in session this fall. Sunday sessions to dive deep ✨ visit our website for more details ... Link in our bio 👆🏼#leadwithlove #mentorship #yoga #movement #continuingeducation #bereceptive #dmc #moveallways #business #authentic